TyrannoSaurusNet.com is a Division of JacG™

JacG is the Acronym for our main Company Name, “Josserand Ace ConsultinG”, and is Pronounced “Jack-Gee”.

Through TyrannoSaurusNet.com and our many other websites, we offer Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PLR Marketing, Website Traffic Generation, Business Startup and other related training, and more.

If You Want To Be In Business Online From Home And Want To Do It The RIGHT Way From The Start, Then Let Us Help You!

You’ll never regret it!

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Company Mission

We want you to be successful in online business! That is our number one mission!

For Individuals seeking a business of their own, we provide the training, products and services needed to succeed. We do so 24/7/365 and provide LIVE help all that time. Furthermore, we do it for free to those who choose to become members.

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Company Focus

Currently, the company’s focus is Internet-oriented Web Site Project Management and Online Marketing of many products and services including training that is needed by folks like you. We want you to be successful in your own online business from home. Here, you can learn The RIGHT Way to Online Income from Home!

Here are some of our websites:

Internet and Affiliate Marketing & Training is available from us and you can find us here on Google+

Here’s a bit more detail about our offerings. They include Domain Name Sales, Website Design and Hosting Services, Internet Marketing Training (FREE!), Legitimate Home Business Opportunities, and Commercial Website to Mobile Website Conversion/Production Services.

We also do software, database, website, and internet consulting for individuals, for-profit companies, and non-profit organizations.

So, to recap… from JacG, you can get…
Business Startup Training
Internet, Affiliate, and PLR Marketing Training
Websites (DIY or Done-For-You or Totally Custom)
Products you can use and/or resell
Targeted Traffic Generation Training
Free QR Codes, and Mobile App Creation
…and lots more!

Contact us for more information anytime.

We have it all! Free Internet and Affiliate Marketing Training and all the tools you’ll ever need to be successful in an online business!

Our Two Favorite Quotes

“Never Give up! Never Surrender!”


“I’m impatient with stupidity. My people have learned to live without it.”

About Our Owner

Our Owner is Jesse Josserand

He has been in IT in one position or another since 1971, is a USAF Veteran, and is an Internet Marketing Expert since 1998.

He started Josserand Ace ConsultinG™ as “Josserand & Associates Consulting Group” in October of 1998. It was reformed as an LLC in 2012, then converted to a sole-proprietorship in September of 2013.

Mr. Josserand has been on the internet since it was called Arpanet. He has been in many positions in the IT industry… hardware designer, operating systems designer and programmer, application software designer and developer, database designer and administrator, website and UI designer, a manager at every level… and more. In fact, he has even been a CTO twice. He is, therefore, able to communicate diplomatically, knowledgeably, and effectively across all levels of business and personnel. He has already experienced most problems in the technological and internet arena. Thus, knows, at least conceptually, their causes and steps to resolution. He resolves conflicts, resolves issues, finds solutions to technical and business problems and implements them effectively.